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Africa Tourism Leadership Forum

The Africa Tourism Leadership Forum (TLF) is a Pan-African Non-Profit Organization. The forum brings together public and private sector stakeholders in the Africa travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation industry to forge fresh relationships in order make a bigger impact on travel and tourism than ever before. It is primarily a framework for high-level ministerial and captains of industry dialogue, experience and knowledge sharing platform. Additionally, it aims to inspire leaders to provide collectively leadership for the sector’s transformation and promotion of intra-Africa travel as well as engagement in business-to-business engagements.

The initiative will also provide capacity building support for youth and women entrepreneurs and small enterprises while fostering value-creation partnerships and recognizing innovation in the sector. It will actively advocate for and support intra-Africa travel among industry stakeholders, business travel, captains of industry, politicians, policy makers, Africans and the diaspora.

The event will take place in May 2018 at a date yet to be announced ... Read more


Redefining Tourism in Africa